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Retirement planning has traditionally focused on creating a strategy that helps you achieve your financial goals based on rates of return and a risk-and-reward analysis. Our holistic retirement planning approach incorporates those important aspects, but we look at your financial situation in a slightly different way.

Over the years, we have helped a number of individuals and families fill in the gaps of their retirement plans. The most common mistakes we see people make in retirement planning (or lack thereof):

  • Not fully mapping out their retirement strategy, or not updating it every few years as they age and life circumstances change.
  • Living beyond their means or without a budget and not setting enough aside for retirement.
  • Thinking they’re going to live forever, or not thinking about potential health care risks and the expenses that come with the increasing costs of health care.
  • Ignoring inflation and the increasing costs of living.
  • Not planning for long-term care expenses.

Minnesota-based Lundervold Financial’s holistic approach to retirement planning includes a fully mapped out retirement strategy, including all of these things that people often overlook. We take these gaps into consideration, so you are left with as few surprises as possible to help you feel more confident as you approach retirement. And, we work with clients like you throughout Minnesota and the United States.

Ready to get started on your holistic retirement plan?

What is Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic financial planning is, simply put, not a one-size-fits-all approach to retirement. Think of it as a “top down” approach to financial planning.

First, we want to understand your priorities. Then we understand what you value, including how you feel about things like risk and how hands on you want to be with your financial decisions. We also want to hear about your experience with managing your money.

Finally, we consider insurance products and other financial vehicles that you or your financial planners might have overlooked or inadequately addressed.

Financial Goals and Strategy

We’ll start by addressing your concerns. Our review process is about problem-solving and driving toward your goals to help make the process a success. Based on your needs, we consider a number of areas, including

  • Tax strategies
  • Investment planning
  • Asset protection
  • Insurance planning
  • Legal documentation (through our network of attorneys).

A realistic review is about coordination and focus on a plan of action — your plan of action!

Personal Risk Management

The general rule of thumb with investing is, the longer you allow your assets to grow, the more potential they have to earn more income for you.

If you are trying to recoup losses from stock market declines, you may be feeling a little wary after seeing your investment portfolio lose value. You would probably prefer to avoid investments that increase your market risk.

Or, if you’re simply trying to rapidly accumulate more wealth, it may be time to consider a more aggressive approach with at least some of your money.

Once we get to know you and understand your goals and your personal tolerance for risk, we can help you map out a Blueprint for Financial Clarity™ that includes investment options and insurance instruments that fit with your values.

Learn More About Lundervold Financial’s Blueprint for Financial Clarity™

  • When do you want to retire? What do you want your retirement to look like? What sources of income will you have? What expenses will you have? Will you have debt?
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  • Where is your money invested now? What is your tolerance for risk? How hands-on do you want to be with investment management? How liquid will your investments be?
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  • Are there tax breaks and deductions that you can take advantage of as you age and approach retirement? Once you retire, are there tax benefits you need to know about?
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  • What insurance policies do you have in place for long-term medical care, and are there others that you might consider? Do you have an advance care plan?
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  • Do you have an estate plan*? Do you need us to introduce you to an estate planner and work with them to help you maximize your income during retirement and for your beneficiaries?
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*Lundervold Financial does not provide tax or estate planning, but we are part of our clients’ estate planning team. If you are looking for an estate planner, we can refer you to professionals who provide the following services: trusts, probate, charitable giving, estate planning, and tax planning.

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