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Do You Need an Investment Advisor? Yes, You Do.

You’ve got plans — a lot of them. Wouldn’t you like to focus more on your dreams and worry less about what the market is doing? Let Lundervold Financial help you diversify your retirement assets among a variety of vehicles — including a mix of insurance products and investments — to match your unique situation and goals.

The Minnesota-based Lundervold Financial team can provide you with guidance and access to a variety of financial tools to help you protect a portion of your retirement assets from market declines. We work with clients in Minnesota and throughout the United States.

We are committed to the financial well-being and independence of every client we serve. We provide the guidance and solid judgment so you can make the right decisions toward meeting your retirement income goals and other financial goals.

If you are looking for an investment advisor representative, schedule a time to meet with a Lundervold Financial advisor today.

Personal Investment Strategy

Most investors don’t realize that market losses can impact their investment portfolios more than market gains. What do we mean by that? Let’s use an example.

If you invest $100,000 and that investment loses 20%, you’d lose $20,000 and your account value would be $80,000, all other things being equal and assuming there were no other losses or gains.

To get your investment value back to $100,000, you would need a 25% return the following year to make up for the loss.

$80,000 x 20% = $16,000

$80,000 + $16,000 = $96,000

This is a simplified, hypothetical example that demonstrates a mathematical principle. It does not illustrate any specific investment product and is not an indication of future results.

Your personal investment strategy starts by setting goals — what are you looking to finance? Retirement for you and your spouse? College tuition for the kids and grandkids? Property investments? Business development or starting your own business?

What is your tolerance for risk, and how involved do you want to be in the day-to-day decisions about your investment portfolio?

We’ll help you map out a personal investment strategy that helps you meet your goals and fits within your comfort level. Your first meeting with Lundervold Financial is on us; we offer a no-obligation portfolio analysis so we can learn about you and you can learn about us.

Asset Management for Investors

When you invest in the financial markets, your investments are vulnerable to the ups and downs of the markets and the unpredictability of the economy. For our clients who want protection that they do not find in the stock market, they consider adding guaranteed insurance products to their financial strategies. These types of financial products, including annuities, can supplement your retirement income and protect your assets from declines that happen when the stock markets decline.

As part of your Blueprint for Financial Clarity™, Lundervold Financial can help you create an investment plan for your assets that you won’t need to draw on to cover your expenses each month. This plan includes:

  • Assessing your tolerance for risk
  • Reducing or eliminating fees by adjusting your portfolio where possible
  • Evaluating ways to reduce risk while meeting your retirement and financial goals
  • Comprehensive institutional money management

How We Help With Your Investment Strategy & Asset Management

You are counting on your assets to get you to retirement and see you through it. Yet, investing involves risks and no one can guarantee that you’ll make money, lose money or break even. However, if you diversify your sources of income during retirement, as these assets grow, they can help you offset things that erode purchasing power, like inflation.

As your financial investment advisor, Lundervold Financial welcomes the opportunity to help you figure out what investment products might fit best with your financial strategy and retirement goals. From stocks and bonds to mutual funds and retirement accounts to insurance products like annuities, we offer retirement investment advice so you understand your options and make well-informed decisions.

  • We fully evaluate your life insurance, annuity and long-term care needs, including identification of major life events you might experience.
  • We disclose all fees you will pay for your investments and insurance products. We don’t like surprises, and we won’t hide fees from you.
  • We regularly sit down with our clients and review their investment and income strategies, and we encourage you to ask us questions.
  • Market declines happen, so we help you protect your assets from potential market losses.

Learn More About Lundervold Financial’s Blueprint for Financial Clarity™

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  • Do you have an estate plan*? Do you need us to introduce you to an estate planner and work with them to help you maximize your income during retirement and for your beneficiaries?
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*Lundervold Financial does not provide tax or estate planning, but we are part of our clients’ estate planning team. If you are looking for an estate planner, we can refer you to professionals who provide the following services: trusts, probate, charitable giving, estate planning, and tax planning.

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